The Curator

By Sean De Siun

Louis has a successful career in the arts, a beautiful wife and child. His life is assured, but inside his mind wanders a dangerous path. Surrounded by people, yet he has cocooned himself in isolation. He observes, but stays detached. Living his internal desires, denying his external world. Has he gone too far, can he still truly love?


The Rainy day Women


By James De Siun

In post-war Ho Chi Minh City, still stubbornly called Saigon, a young aid worker tries to make money trading in thousand-year old Cambodian statues and the last valuables of an impoverished population. While investigating future medical projects for his agency, he befriends the city’s Amerasian street children, the offspring of American GIs and Vietnamese mothers. He meets young Frenchman Louis and his entrancing mixed-race girlfriend Kieu, star-crossed lovers fated to connect via television news. His interference causes trouble for everyone. What emerges is a fascinating portrait of an exotic and mysterious city, where the truth is never clear.

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Kenneth and The Book


By Sean De Siun
On the the cusp of a golden age when Ireland was known as the ‘Island of saints and scholars’, Kenneth and the Book takes us into the minds and lives of Saint Canice and Saint Columba, towering figures in Irish history.

This is an evocative dramatisation of the tale, part legend and part history, of how Kenneth saved Columba as he embarked on his famous evangelising journey to the island of Iona, off the coast of Scotland.


King’s Road


By Sean De Siun

Set in London during the cultural turmoil of the ‘70s and early ‘80s, King’s Road is a funny and revealing story of divisions in society and a young man’s search for love.

Immersed in and around the King’s Road, London during the cultural turmoil of the 1970s and early ‘80s, King’s Road looks into the divisions in society and follows a young man’s search for identity and love.

At the end of the sixties, young Eamon Curran and his family arrive in London from Australia to live near the King’s Road, The next twelve years of his life will be entwined with the famous street and the eclectic mix of people he meets there.

Unsure if he can ever fit into English society, Eamon grows up through the turbulent years of the 1970s as the back beat of contemporary music echoes through his story. With an outsider’s vision, he observes the various youth subcultures and their alienation from society amid economic decline and racial tension. He makes friends along the way with people from all classes of the fractured British social landscape. In his late teens, he falls in love with a beautiful girl.

He struggles to find his calling and make his way in the world until he meets Lucy, an American visiting London. His quest to win her love leads him on a chase across Europe. Eventually the pull of London draws him and Lucy back to find a country on the brink of civil conflict in the riots of 1981.

Together they settle in Notting Hill where the vibrant atmosphere of Portobello Road and Carnival captures their hearts, but Eamon remains unable to find his true self or calling.

Despite his love for Lucy, Eamon is unable commit himself to her. Lost and unsure he makes a desperate attempt to regain the affection of his first love, driving Lucy away from him.

Ultimately, Eamon is forced to choose the path he will follow. The King’s Road was the beginning of his voyage of self discovery. Will it lead him home, or is he there already?


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